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Salyers PCX13 Performance Collection 1-1/8" Brown Poly Mallets

Note: School Accessory Kits are delivered to your child's school.

From Salyers Percussion:

The Salyers Percussion PCX13 features a lightweight 1 1/8” plastic ball that is light, bright
and great for softer passages on bells.  The rattan shafts are matched in diameter and flex.

The Performance Collection unwound mallets are designed to offer a comprehensive selection
of sonic possibilities to the advanced percussionist.  Head sizes available are 1”, 1 1/8” and 1 1/4”. 
The rattan size sets this series apart from any other series available.  The trend of using very thick
rattan on unwound mallets results in a stiff shaft that does not allow the natural flex of rattan to help
get the best sound from the keys.  We use a rattan size that feels good yet flexes just enough to
help you get the best sound possible from your instruments.