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Salyers PCM30 Performance Collection Medium Marimba Mallet

Note: School Accessory Kits are delivered to your child's school.

From Salyers Percussion:

The Salyers Percussion PCM30 Performer Collection medium marimba mallet is Ideal for use
on the middle 3 octaves of the 5 octave marimba.  The mallets feature a dual surface birch
shaft consisting of a natural, unlacquered grip area for maximum control.   The upper portion
of the shaft portion of the shaft is lacquered for strength and durability.  The rubber and latex
core is wrapped with a 100% wool yarn.  

The Performance Collection marimba mallets were designed with the serious soloist in mind. 
The collection features rubber and synthetic cores with varying layers of latex and a wool yarn
wrap for a warm full-bodied sound.