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Foundations for Superior Performance - Conductor Score

Note: School Accessory Kits are delivered to your child's school.

Here at last – and in one publication – is all of the information you need to answer the myriad of questions that arise in rehearsal! Spiral bound and laminated for convenience and durability. The Complete Instrument Reference Guide for Band Directors includes extended fingering charts for all wind instruments, alternate fingerings, trill charts and key diagrams for all diagrams for all woodwind instruments, ranges for all keyboard instruments and much, much more! 

Advanced range fingering chart (including alternate fingerings) for all wind instruments. 
Trill chart and key diagram for all woodwind instruments. 
Harmonic series indicating pitch tendencies for all brass instruments. 
Ornamentation guide (trill, turns, mordents, grace notes) for brass. 
Ranges for all keyboard percussion instruments. 
Major scale & arpeggio diagrams for keyboard percussion. 
Timpani sizes and ranges. 
The Complete Instrument Reference Guide for Band Directors is a must for every director of bands; reference library!