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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are your store hours?
A. We are not a traditional retail store, so we do not have traditional 'set' store hours.  Our stores are mobile, and our repair shop is located at 100 E. Felix St., Suite 102 Fort Worth, TX 76115.  To be sure that we are available for you, please call or text first.
Q. How do I return a rental instrument?
A. Please call or text us at 817-583-0001 to make arrangements.
Q. Can you evaluate an instrument for playability or repair?
 A. Please call our Repair Shop at (817) 744-7919 to make arrangements, or email us at  We will evaluate your instrument's condition, playabiltiy, and value.  If repairs are needed, we can provide a free repair estimate.
Q. Is it a good idea for my student to rent an instrument?
The Bandwagon Music Store & Repair is partnered with Veritas Instrument Rental and provides the brands and models your director recommends.  Renting an instrument is a wise decision, especially for beginning band and orchestra students.  Our rental contracts are rent to own, but you can cancel the contract at any time. For more information on our rentals, please go to our Rentals tab.

Check back for more FAQs!